The G is a wonderful off-roader. Solid as a mine truck and unstoppable. Launched 33 years ago, its styling hasn’t changed too much,  Nor have the fundamentals of its axles and girder-built chassis. In fact, it’s the nature of them that they can’t be changed.

All AMG could do was put on huge tyres, bigger brakes , and harder springs and dampers. But there’s plenty of room under the bonnet for the mighty V8. The noise is thunder.



Despite the way it looks on the outside, the G63 is anything but a utilitarian vehicle on the inside. High-quality leather covers most surfaces, including the cliff face of a dashboard, and it’s even ruched in the door panels. All of the technology you’d expect to find in any other AMG Mercedes is present and correct in the G63 too, including a Comand Online multimedia system with a seven-inch colour screen perched in the middle of the dash.

Objectively, you’d have to say that paying Millions of Naira or more for a vehicle like this is completely crazy! any number of other, more modern luxury SUVs will do a better job for less money. But subjectively, the appeal of its thumping V8 performance and its ‘old on the outside, new on the inside’ design is as clear as that of a contemporary apartment in a converted warehouse. The G63 may be an esoteric choice that probably has even less right to still exist than the G55 before it, but it is charming, distinctive and likeable all the same.